City of the Week: Tarawa, Kiribati


(Image of South Tarawa taken by the government of the Republic of Kiribati)

The very first City of the Week is Tarawa, Kiribati! Tarawa is one of 32 atolls, (and one raised island), that make up the Republic of Kiribati. It is the capital of the nation, and is also home to more than half of the population. During World War Two, there was 76 hours of fighting on the atoll known as the Battle of Tarawa. Climate Change has put the atoll at risk, with rising sea levels endangering the residents of the atoll, causing some of its citizens to move to islands with higher elevation like Fiji.

Population: 28,802 (1990)

Continent: Oceania

Visa requirements for US citizens: Visa free stay for 30 days

Currency: Australian Dollar

Languages: English, Gilbertese





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