What’s City Reviews?

From this point forward, on the first of July, October, January, and April, I will post a “City Review.” What is a city review? Unlike most of the City of the Weeks, for city review my reports will always be from personal experience. The photos and descriptions will be from places I ate at, people I talked to, attractions I experienced and more. On August 1, I will publish my city review for Miami, Florida and on December 1 for Atlanta, Georgia. If you have any suggestions on other cities I should review I would love to hear them. I already have a few in mind, and would love to hear any input there is out there.

What is in the City of the Week?

So you may be wondering: What exactly is the City of the Week going to consist of? It’s a fair question, so here is a list of what will be on it:

  • City name and name of country
  • Pictures (No set number of pictures)
  • Population Estimate
  • Continent
  • Visa Requirements for US citizens
  • Currency
  • Official/Most common languages
  • Short reasoning for why the city is fascinating

Can you think of a way that I can make the City of the Week better? Message me on the contact page, and I will get back to you!

Remember, the first City of the Week is TOMORROW. Make sure to check in to see–maybe it will inspire your next vacation!



Exciting New Announcement

Hello fellow world travelers, this is Mario Calcagno the administrator of this blog. I have an exciting new announcement to make about the expansion of this blog. Starting on Wednesday July 11, 2018 I will begin to publish a post about a chosen “City of the Week.” This will happen every Wednesday, and the City of the Week will either be chosen by myself, or nominated by one of you. From the Americas to Eurasia to Africa to Oceania, once a week I will dive into a fascinating city from around the world. I will make a blog post announcing the city, and the information about the city will be on the new “City of the Week” page. Hope to see you Wednesday!